Does Viagra cure premature ejaculation?

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12 august 2021, 22:58 | Does Viagra cure premature ejaculation?
man ate Viagra for 2 years for health preservation, but he is getting weaker and weaker . . "In order to maintain his health, Mr. Wu, 44, took Viagra in large doses for two consecutive years. The family from his 80-year-old mother to his 19-year-old son also took Viagra together with his encouragement.   Recently, the reporter learned from the relevant outpatient clinics of several major hospitals in the city that it is not uncommon for patients to do this. "It takes medicines as supplements for several years. Sooner or later, problems will arise." said Lou Haibo, a Chinese medicine physician, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University Medical College.   Eat Viagra for health   The 44-year-old Mr. Wu often feels exhausted and depressed recently. After examination, certain indicators of his liver function and kidney function were slightly higher, but it was not a problem. Mr. Wu came to the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine again and asked the doctor to prescribe some tonic Chinese medicine for himself. Before leaving, he asked the doctor, these medicines did not conflict with Viagra, right?   It turned out that two years ago, Mr. Wu met a "superior". The other party said that Mr. Wu is relatively "deficient" and his liver function may not be good, so he "teached" him that he should take Viagra all year round and the amount might be larger. Because this medicine is the quintessence of the country. If you have a disease, you can strengthen your body without a disease. If you persist for a year or a half, your spirit and complexion will improve.   Mr. Wu bought Viagra with suspicion and took 20 pills each time twice a day. After 3 months, I really felt that I was energetic. After that, he continued to take it. When people are tired and stressed, the amount will be larger.   Encouraged by Mr. Wu, the family also started to take Viagra. The 80-year-old mother took it to strengthen her body, the 40-year-old wife took it for beauty, and even the 19-year-old son took it to treat acne.   Before this visit, Mr. Wu had taken Viagra for more than two years. He told the doctor that he had planned to increase the dosage, because he was getting older and the original dosage would not achieve the desired effect.   Many people take medicines as supplements   The reporter learned from the relevant outpatient clinics of some hospitals in the urban area that it is not uncommon for people like Mr. Wu to take medicines as supplements.   Lou Haibo, director of the Chinese Medicine Department of Ningda Affiliated Hospital, once encountered a male patient who had eaten Xiaochaihu granules for 7 years. As a result, he injured his kidney and developed proteinuria. There was also a female patient who had been treated for four or five years in the past four or five years. Drinking Wuwutang and Motherwort as water resulted in some gynecological discomfort.   Wang Jiawei, an attending Chinese medicine physician in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Li Huili Hospital of Lihuili City, met patients who carried Qiju Dihuang Pills with them, saying that they often face the computer, and eating this is good for the eyes. There are also patients who have taken Jinkui Shenqi Pills for three consecutive years, saying that instead of buying some messy kidney health products in the world, it is better to take the good medicine left by the ancestors.   Unreasonable use of drugs will bury health risks   Mr. Wu did not experience much discomfort, which has a lot to do with the relatively mildness of Chinese patent medicines such as Viagra. But this does not mean that these medicines are used to treat illnesses and strengthen the body without illnesses. You can take it casually and take it for a long time.   "Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to dialectical treatment." Lou Haibo said that it is very inappropriate for some citizens to cover themselves without seeing Chinese medicine practitioners, and relying solely on hearsay or drug promotion. For example, kidney deficiency can be divided into kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency. Different conditions correspond to different medications. The familiar Viagra is to nourish yin. It is only used for patients with kidney yin deficiency and long-term use for patients with kidney yang deficiency. On the contrary, it will promote dampness and produce phlegm and damage the body.   "Traditional Chinese medicine also pays attention to overall adjustment." Wang Jiawei said that the scope of application of Chinese patent medicines is relatively narrow. In other words, a medicine may only correspond to one or two symptoms, but the actual conditions of the human body are often much more complicated. Lead to bias, which is not conducive to the treatment of the disease. Moreover, traditional Chinese medicine also pays attention to time, place and person. Even the same person will have different problems at different stages. It is necessary to adjust the prescription frequently, and it is not possible to take a single Chinese patent medicine to the end.   It is three-point poison, and many Chinese medicinal materials are nephrotoxic. You Xiaoqing, chief physician of the Department of Nephrology, Mingzhou Hospital of Zhejiang University, listed the side effects of several commonly used Chinese herbal medicines: Cinnabar, the main component of which is mercury sulfide, can cause mercury poisoning; realgar, the main component of arsenic sulfide, which can cause arsenic poisoning. Senecio, contains certain alkaloids, excessive damage to the liver and kidney; Bupleurum, the main ingredient is saikosaponin, excessive can cause adrenal hypertrophy; Motherwort, chubby sea, long-term use can also damage the kidney, not suitable for trouble It's okay to make tea as water to drink." . 兩性健康 .
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