NFT - what does its future look like?

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06 octombrie 2021, 14:21 | NFT - what does its future look like?
Do you think it is promising or just another attempt to come up with something new?
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06 octombrie 2021, 14:44
Although it is already quite popular in the gaming industry, I think it is too early to talk about any global prospects. But no one cancels its main advantage - the ability to tokenize absolutely any tangible and intangible asset
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06 octombrie 2021, 15:22
People are interested in new ways of making collections, of expressing themselves. I watch this all the time at , so this process will continue. It won't replace other formats, but it's definitely a start. I think it will be very interesting to talk about it in a few years.
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07 octombrie 2021, 09:07
Without a specific time specification to define the "future", to see what the future looks like at any given time, all one has to do is wait an infinitesimal. dinar guru